Designers find inspiration everywhere. When they are out, in exhibitions, and of course, on the internet.

The web is a wonderful place brimming with resources and tutorials for people who want to know more about graphic design. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing.

To save you time from separating the wheat from the chaff, we bring you 20 of our favorite graphic design blogs for your inspiration.

Let us know the ones that spark your design vision.

Graphic Design Blogs to follow in 2018

Logo Blogs

  • Logoed

    Logoed - Graphic Design Blogs

    Logoed is a blog that has beautiful logo designs. It is a single-page website that has been around for a decade. With a clean simple layout for each design, you just have to click on it for more information and scroll down to load more information

  • Logospire

    Logospire - Graphic Design Blogs

    If you’re in need of logo design service inspirations, Logospire is a great place to start with. They have a simple grid layout and an organized UI. You can surely browse through some inspiring images in here.

  • Loglogy

    Logology - Graphic Design Blogs

    This blog features some of the most popular and interesting logos. All the logo designs that are featured have short notes on what makes it good and interesting. At times it also has logo drafts and notes from the designer of the logo.

  • Brand New

    Brand New - Graphic Design Blogs

    Brand New is a website that has been around for a decade now. You can read opinions about logo redesigns and also get insights on what designers think about them.

  • Logo Pond

    Logopond - Graphic Design Blogs

    Logo Pond showcases the best logo works from around the web. Designers of various skill sets visit the website to get insights into the world of small business logo design. You can check out the work of others and even share your work here.

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  • Trendland

    Trendland - Graphic Design Blogs

    Trendland is a frequently updated blog that covers a wide range of topics from fashion to tech. In their illustration section, they also feature fashion and collage designs which are worth checking.


    BOOOOOOOM - Graphic Design Blogs

    It is a Canadian illustration blog which showcases surreal and extraordinary illustrations that will definitely provoke your creativity.

  • Juxtapoz

    Juxtapoz Magazine - Graphic Design Blogs

    Their website showcases illustration works from emerging and established artists. Juxtapoz updates their blog every day and often includes erotic illustrations and tattoo art.

  • Grain Edit

    grain edit - Graphic Design Blogs

    The images featured on illustrations are exceptionally trendy. If you enjoy their illustration style, you’ll definitely get addicted to them. They also feature interviews of well-known illustrators too.

  • Motionographer

    Motionographer - Graphic Design Blogs

    This blog is a unique one where writers from all around the world analyze typography and animation.


  • We Love Typography

    We Love Typography - Graphic Design Blogs

    We Love Typography has a brilliant list of typography-related content. They have loads of beautiful typography and you’ll definitely be motivated.

  • Incredible Types

    Showcase - Graphic Design Blogs

    This blog showcases outstanding typography designs from around the world. It has a stunning black and white design for each project and when you select them it changes to colour.

  • Typeeverything

    Typeverything - Graphic Design Blogs

    Typeeverything is a brilliant blog that has letter types in various shapes, colours, and sizes which are picked by a group of talented artists. Just scroll down and you’ll get many inspirational typographies.
    This is a stylish website where you buy and get information about fonts. It also has a forum where you can read and be a part of type-related discussions.

  • I Love Typography

    I love Typography - Graphic Design Blogs

    The founder of the website is John Boardley, a British born graphic designer. It showcases the world’s most popular fonts. Plus, it has a boatload of tips, training advice, news, and interviews about type.

  • Fonts In Use

    Fonts In Use – Graphic Design Blogs

    This blog has a collection of typographies that is a source of stimulation and inspiration for the design community. Some of the best mainstream typography is present here and is a great inspiration for staying current.

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Packaging Design

  • Designspiration

    Designspiration - Graphic Design Blogs

    Designspiration is a website where you can share your ideas and get innovative packaging design inspiration as well.

  • The Dieline

    The Dieline - Graphic Design Blogs

    This blog is one of the most visited websites for packaging designs. It also hosts annual design competition and conferences.

  • Packaging of the World

    Packaging of the World - Graphic Design Blogs

    Packaging is a place where you can get loads of inspirations. The website has everything from trendy to professional retail packaging designs.

  • BXP

    BXP - Graphic Design Blogs

    Package design is a popular online magazine that talks about the design materials to use and the best packaging designs.

  • Packaging Digest

    Packaging Digest - Graphic Design Blogs

    Packaging Digest contains a noteworthy list of industrial designs. It also discusses issues like women in the packaging industry, New York banning EPS containers and much more.

Graphic Design Blogs – Conclusion

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced designer, resources will always help you find new tricks and inspiration. With the above resources at your fingertips, you won’t run out of good graphic design materials. Plus, through these websites you can also get updates on upcoming graphic design trends and logo design trends.

And now…

Which one of these websites is your favourite ? Is there any other graphic design blogs you love? Do share them in the comments section below.

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