Nowadays, consumers are flooded with advertisements in every corner of the world. To gain a better result in your business you have to proceed with an effective advertising technique in online marketing.

If you have the idea of spending some money on advertising, then you choose the best online methods. Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the effective online advertising methods by which you can increase your online traffic. It’s important to follow the best PPC techniques to convert the traffic into leads and sales.

Take a look at the PPC trends for 2020 in this blog and prepare a plan so that you may not throw your money into a black hole.

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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing a.k.a retargeting, is an online advertising method that allows you to stay connected with the target audience who have already visited your website. By displaying the PPC ads to these audiences, even after they leave your site and browse the other parts of the web, you can increase the brand awareness and trust among them. As a result, they might think about purchasing the product from you.

Click here to learn more about AdWords remarketing.

PPC remarketing strategy

Amazon Impressive Ads

Amazon receives millions of searches every month. People are searching directly for the products they need. So, Amazon Pay Per Click advertising platform creates the best opportunity to sell more products online.

The sponsored product’s ads appear on the Amazon’s search engine result pages, headlines, product pages, off-site marketing, and email newsletter. This can help you to sell more inventory faster and increase the organic ranking as well.

PPC amazon ads

Focus on the Audience

Keywords are important but focusing on the target audience will play an important role in 2020. The PPC marketing lets you choose your specific audience who looks at your ads.

For example, if you are selling shoes, the ‘PPC audience targeting’ places ads in front of ideal customers who are meant to purchase a shoe at that particular period of time. It simultaneously filters out the audience who will not be benefited by your offerings.

PPC Focus on audience

video ads PPC Trends

Video PPC Ads

Promoting ads on Youtube and other video display networks is the best way to reach many of your potential customers. PPC is a very cost-effective way of advertising, as you only pay when users view your ads. You can engage the audience by allowing them to leave comments below the video. This helps you understand your audience preferences. Click here to learn more about video ppc ads.

Voice Search Campaigns

Voice searches will become a part of everyday life in the future. The use of voice-activated digital assistants and smart devices are becoming more popular. As the current landscape shifts from keyboard to voice command, PPC ads will need to be adapted for this method by planning for longer tail keywords and phrases in spoken format. Click here to learn more about voice search campaigns

PPC Trends - Voice search process

PPC Trends - mobile ads

Mobile PPC Ads

Each day, number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly. As a digital marketer, one should definitely know the impact of PPC advertisements on mobile phones. The mobile PPC advertising is as effective as desktop PPC advertising.
According to AppFlood, mobile app interaction is determined by the clicks of users where the click rate touches it peak around 6.00 p.m., describing that people are using their mobile phones while returning from work. These are all the potential customers you could be reaching with mobile PPC ads. Click here to learn more about mobile ads

PPC Trends social media ads

Social Media Ads

Everyone has a social media account and it has become a basic part of our communication. After search engines, social media platforms contribute the most to PPC advertising. Social PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of paid digital advertising, but entirely for placement on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and several others. These ads can be used to target groups of users based on demographics, interest in topics, or other data gathered by the platform. Mostly small business digital marketing services uses mobile ads to decrease the budget. Click here to learn more about social media ads.

PPC trends artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and PPC

PPC advertising industry has begun to implement artificial intelligence to bring better results. Artificial intelligence will be important for PPC specialists to understand how machine learning works, and how it will affect digital marketing in the future. With artificial intelligence, PPC campaigns can be made much easier for marketers, since there will be a lot of scope for automation.

Visual Search

Users can now search on the web using camera. This type of search mechanism has been offered by Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. Many experts suggest that this visual search is going to dominate the upcoming years, which may also affect several advertising mechanisms such as PPC and more. Click here to learn more about visual search.

PPC Trends visual search

PPC Personalization

PPC advertising has been constantly evolving with new and unique features which helps you benefit from your marketing campaigns. When it comes to PPC advertising, targeting is the key factor where you will be able to target specific kind of users. For example, you will be able to target mobile users exclusively who are using outlook as their primary e-mail.

PPC personalization


We have thoroughly researched to find out these advanced PPC techniques which are going to dominate in 2020. If you want to increase the results and succeed in PPC marketing, make use of all the available features in it. PPC campaigns are also constantly upgrading, for new future evolving technologies like visual search and more, to deliver the best service for every business.

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