Technology is taking the lead today. Almost every part of our life like entertainment, health, real estate, banking, and even currencies are becoming digital.

Almost all the digital marketing companies research for client’s requirements to provide them with the best and cost-efficient online solutions.

For this, all digital marketing experts need to be up to date to develop new technologies and adapt to new trends which pave the way for the future.

We have listed some famous blogs which will cover most of digital marketing trends and news you should be aware of

Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogs

If you want to learn more about SEO, you have to read a lot. Here are some top SEO blogs which will educate you about SEO in 2020.

1. The Google webmaster central blog

The official Google webmaster central blog is one of the best resources to get accurate information on how to create search engine friendly websites, webmaster resources, support documentation, and testing tools.

Google Webmaster - SEO blog

2. Moz

Moz has been in the industry since 2004. It is one of the most trusted SEO blogging site. The tools of Moz are built in a manner that can make SEO easy. You will get all kinds of resources based on your level of expertise.

MOZ - SEO blog

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel along with his team of talented marketers covered a lot of marketing areas through their blogs where SEO being one of them. The Neil Patel videos are as interesting as his blog posts.

NeilPatel - SEO blog

4. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is famous for giving quick updates on every search engine related news. They also explain various SEO and SEM mistakes made by bloggers which affect the results on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It resembles to be a complete guide of SEO, and SEM, for beginners.

Search Engine Land - SEO blogs

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5. Yoast

The best choice to maximize your SEO efforts in WordPress is through Yoast. There are a lot of extensive SEO guides and tutorials in Yoast and they have separate sections for ‘content SEO’ and ‘technical SEO.’ They also provide online SEO training courses which will help you gain in- depth SEO knowledge.

Yoast - SEO blogs

6. Backlinko

Brain Dean runs the Backlinko blog that majorly covers link building and white hat SEO techniques. He has coined some famous terms in SEO like, skyscraper technique and 10X content. Brain’s blog will immensely help even beginners because they cover every aspect of the topic with clear explanations.

Backlinko- SEO blogs

7. Outreachmama

This guide will teach you how to develop a link building strategy and implement it in a white hat way that will guarantee long term organic traffic and revenue from your most important digital assets without risking nasty penalties. If you don’t set a link building strategy before using tactics, then you have no way of intelligently changing course when you’re not meeting your objectives.

Backlinko- SEO blogs

Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) blogs

SEM offers flexibility to advertise on social media. Hence, focusing your brands on SEM not only increases the results but also converts visitors into customers. Below mentioned blogs have rich SEM content which you can follow for the upcoming year.

1. SEO by the sea

SEO by the sea was found by the long-standing marketer Bill Slawski. His SEO blogs are quite descriptive and he makes it a point to give interesting news and analysis on all things search engine.

SEO by the sea - SEM blogs

2. ViperChill

ViperChill blogs research deep into SEO trends and analyze various adaptable SEO routines that actually work. Their blog posts have a lot of unique points along with examples.

ViperChill - SEM blogs

3. Aim Clear blog

Aim Clear team includes highly skilled practitioners, speakers and bloggers. So all their blog topics are hand-picked and written solely to educate readers.

Aim Clear - SEM blog

Professional SMM-Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the essential parts of business marketing. It is well known that social platforms help us to connect with people who are the major source of a business. Hence, you can increase the awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales through SMM. Below are some famous, must-read SMM blogs.

1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner provides the latest social media marketing news which helps you to identify the best social media to grow business. If you are striving to make social media channels more engaging, this blog would be a good resource.

Social Media Examiner - SMM blogs

2. Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer mainly focuses on social media but it also serves as a good resource for some digital marketing technologies like influencer marketing and virtual reality marketing. The resources available on Social Media Explorer has good content which are written by experts.

Social Media Explorer - SMM blogs

3. AdEspresso

AdEspresso takes you through some strategic and technical blogs to brand your content. It also guides you with some tips to utilize those branded content in social media marketing.

AdEspresso - SMM blogs

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social, a social media management tool has latest blogs about the best practices in social media marketing. It even provides other information like selecting the write content for your audience, inserting a chat box and so on.

Sprout Social - SMM blogs

5. The Future Buzz

The Future Buzz is a valuable resource for marketers and entrepreneurs. It provides useful information to improve your online presence and internet marketing activities.

The Future Buzz - SMM blogs

Content Marketing Blogs

Content plays a great role in any marketing activity. They help to improve SEO, educate readers, and gives your brand more online visibility.

Below are some great content marketing blogs which will help you to easily reach your target audience via content.

1. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute was one of the first companies to start promoting the value of content in digital marketing. Their blogs are the best resources for everything relating to content.

Content Marketing Institute - Marketing blogs

2. Buffer Blog

Buffer Blogs discusses social media tools, analytics and strategies. It helps you to schedule social media posts, track content performance and manage all of your social media accounts in a single place.

Content Marketing blogs - Buffer

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3. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas consistently produces quality content about social media topics. Currently, he is one of the top digital marketing experts. There are a lot of content marketing blog topics in his website which will educate and inspire you to create awesome content.

Content Marketing blogs - Jeffbullas

Email Marketing Blogs

Email marketing helps to build solid relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. It gives you a chance to talk directly to them through their inbox and gather information at the time of their convenience.

Below are some famous email marketing blogs which will give you great tips to create a healthy relationship with your customers.

1. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs provides a wide variety of digital marketing articles. To access their blogs, you have to register. After you register, you will gain access to one of the most reputed publications in the digital marketing industry.

Email Marketing Blogs - Marketingprofs

2. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft blogs are filled with useful tips, guides and resources which helps marketers to stay relevant. Just by reading any given topic, you can understand the level of research that goes into it.

Email Marketing Blogs - Infusionsoft

3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue has a great blog section in which they provide regular tips about email marketing. They also focus on digital marketing strategy, e-commerce, marketing automation, GDPR, transactional email, mobile marketing and other interesting topics.

Email Marketing Blogs - sendinblue

4. OptinMonster Blog

OptinMonster is a popular lead generation software. Their blog section has various informative blogs about how to build an email list, conversion optimization, newsletter subscription and more.

Email Marketing Blogs - Optinmonster

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s has an amazing blog section which covers almost all the topics related to email marketing strategies along with guides and tutorials on how to use the software.

Email Marketing Blogs - Constantcontact

Influencer marketing blogs

Most of the businesses use influencer marketing tactics to reach their target audience quickly and build the trust factor. Below are some blogs which will help you tap the influencer marketing arena.

1. TapInfluence

Many firms directly work with the TapInfluence team to develop their marketing plans and to find the perfect influencer. Their blog section covers every aspect of influencer marketing.

TapInfluence - Influencer Marketing blogs

2. Traackr

Traackr is a social listening tool used to track influencer content in real time. They cover topics such as influencer discovery, relationship management and campaign management and more.

Traackr - Influencer Marketing blogs

3. Flipboard

Flipboard provides advanced conversations and influential content blogs that educate people. It also inspires people to engage, learn and lead.

Flipboard - Influencer Marketing blogs

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4. Sideqik

Sideqik, an influencer marketing platform helps to understand the impact of social influence on their brand, competation, and market. They also cover many interesting topics about influencer marketing.

Sideqik - Influencer Marketing blogs

5. Acorn

Acorn pairs the right influencers, with right brand and the right audience. They increase consumer engagement by providing promotional content blogs.

Acorn - Influencer Marketing blogs

E-commerce marketing blogs to follow

The best thing about running an ecommerce store is that you needn’t figure everything on your own. There are many great resources which will help you meet your goals. Below are some of our top favourite ecommerce blogs.

1. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade stand inspires, educates, and supports ecommerce entrepreneurs. It provides various reliable advice, resources, tools which will help you to build, launch and grow your e-commerce business.

A Better Lemonade Stand - Ecommerce marketing blog

2. eCommerceFuel

eCommerceFuel is built by influencer marketing professionals. Their blogs are mostly written by experienced marketing professionals who share their experience

eCommerceFuel - Ecommerce marketing blog

3. Drew Sanocki/Nerd Marketing

Nerd Marketing provides exclusive and actionable strategies to grow your ecommerce business. They also offer a 7-lesson email course to help ecommerce business owners to improve their business in a year.

Nerd Marketing - Ecommerce marketing blog

4. Get Elastic

Get Elastic provides access to commerce best practices, in-depth analysis, and digital commerce research blogs on subscription.

Get Elastic - Ecommerce marketing blog

Mobile App Marketing Blogs

The usage of smartphones and tablets has increased exponentially. So effective mobile marketing is required for every business. Below are some important mobile marketing blogs that will help you improve your mobile marketing activities.

1. Marketing Land

Marketing Land blogs cover all perspectives of the digital marketing industry. They mainly focus on the topics which readers would like to explore and publish rich content.

Marketing Land - Mobile App Marketing blog


2. Mobile Marketing Watch

Mobile Marketing Watch (MMW) blogs cover all the trending areas like communications, mobile storms, resources, insights and industry commentary. As mobile usage has increased these blogs have become one of the good resources for mobile app marketing.

Mobile Marketing Watch - Mobile app marketing blog

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3. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch provides tips and information through their blogs about the search engine industry. They offer valuable advice to website owners trying to enhance their search engine visibility.

Search Engine Watch - Mobile app marketing blog

4. Apptamin

Apptamin app marketing blog share resources about mobile apps promotions, tips, must-dos, good practices, experience sharing, etc. This blog educates mobile apps developers and retailers who want to promote their apps.

Apptamin - Mobile app marketing blog

5. MarTech

In MarTech, they write about research, discover, tablet and second screen marketing technologies to educate the new mobile marketers.

Martech - Mobile app marketing blog

Conversion Optimization Blogs

Conversion optimization increases customers and grows your business. Below are some of the famous CRO blogs you can follow to increase your knowledge in this area.

1. Conversion Rate Experts

Conversion Rate Experts write about techniques that are scientifically tested in almost all the industries. If you’re looking for real-time examples that actually worked, this blog will be quite useful.

Conversion Rate Experts - Conversion optimization blog

2. Invesp Blog

Invest Blog spent many years by educating people about conversion rate optimization. They have some great blogs that will help you enhance your services and meet the needs of your clients.

Invesp Blog - conversion optimization blogs

3. Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments publish thoroughly researched blogs. If you want to improve your marketing efforts, this blog will be really useful.

Marketing Experiments - conversion optimization blogs

4. Unbounce

Unbounce has helped many of the marketers and digital agencies increase their campaign conversions. Almost they have powered 250 million conversions for marketers around the world. They have a great resource section for readers who aim to gain knowledge more knowledge in this area.

unbounce - conversion optimization blogs

5. VWO

VWO with a team of 90 experts, provide innovative, high-quality contents to help readers increase their conversion rates.

VWO - conversion optimization blogs


Digital marketing blogs are a great way to stay updated on the rapidly-changing industry.  Every business owners starts their marketing strategy with small business digital marketing services. So they are able to learn a lot things from it. The different blogs mentioned above will help you to gain knowledge and give you the confidence to implement it in your marketing activities.

Hence, read more blogs to keep yourself up-to-date in this ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

If you feel that your blog is worth adding in our list, do send us a short description of your blog along with the link. Our team will review it and publish it as soon as possible.

Over to you. Which blogs do you plan to follow in our list? Did we miss out anything? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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